Ball Persons
•    Ball persons play a very important role in the overall operation of each match.  Their primary job is to retrieve balls when they are out of play. 
•    All ball persons must know how to keep score, move quickly, endure long matches in the sun and work well with others on a team.
•    Must be 13 years old by December 31, 2014 (proof of age required) in order to try out.  Must be mature, have good hand-eye coordination, and possess good citizenship.  All applicants must be able to attend tryouts and practice to be considered for this position.
Try Outs
Wake Forest University Indoor Tennis Center
100 W. 32nd Street, Winston-Salem, NC  27105
Friday, July 18th 4-6pm
Saturday, July 19th 10am-12pm
Practice Sessions
4-6 pm on the following dates:
July 30
Aug. 4
Aug. 6
Aug. 11
Aug. 13


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