Internship Program


The Winston-Salem Open Internship Program is a three-phase internship program offering a variety of learning objectives. The program provides opportunities to learn fundamental event planning skills from a specialized team within professional sports, specifically men’s tennis.

The Winston-Salem open strives to ensure each intern receives valuable experiences through a variety of different roles and responsibilities within each phase of the internship. Staff have designed this opportunity for each intern to develop skills in varying areas of professional tournament management.

If successful, each intern may receive a coordinating role in one of the following: player services, special events, credentials, operations, ticket sales, volunteer services, community events and marketing. Although each intern will have responsibilities in a specific role, he or she will also enjoy chances to learn about the multiple ways a tournament is marketed, managed and operated. Interns will be able to exit the Winston-Salem Open program prepared to take further steps in asports or event management career.

Now accepting applications from candidates interested in completing all phases of the program, starting August 12, 2019.

Learning Objectives:

Tournament Understanding Phase 1: August 12, 2019– December 31, 2019

Learn how staff manage and operate a professional, international tournament one week prior to the event, day-to-day operations during the event and the closing phases of a tournament. Tournament staff will ask for assistance in the following areas: ticket printing, credential operations, volunteer area management, special event set up and breakdown, gate giveaways, on court promotions, onsite operations, player services, transportation services and onsite booth set up and activation. Post tournament, interns will experience site breakdown, sponsor recap meetings, office and storage organization, and budgeting and budget projections

Tournament Planning Phase 2: January 3, 2020– July 1, 2020

Master assigned role and responsibilities specific areas as assigned. Interns will receive a staff member as a mentor and manager.  During this phase, interns will focus on time management, multi-tasking, budget projection, and timeline planning.

Tournament Time Phase 3: July 2, 2020 – August 28, 2020

Execute tasks and projects as assigned. Assist with management, education and integration of incoming interns in their Phase 1 experience.  

Supervisor’s Role:

Interns will study with and learn from staff members including the Chief Operating Officer, Assistant Tournament Director, Tournament Manager and Tournament Coordinator.  Staff will assist in ensuring interns understand various aspects of their roles and responsibilities. 

**At the conclusion of each phase, interns will document their learning experience and review the opportunity to continue to the next phase.

At the conclusion of the internship program, interns will provide a letter of advice to the incoming interns and will meet with staff members assigned and express their feelings of their experience and how the program can improve for the upcoming year.

TO APPLY: Email letter of interest and resume (including 2 references) to Amy Knudson.